Free to Serve

Protecting the Religious freedom of faith-based organizations


1. A Vision for Our Nation
2. When Religious Organizations Are Said Not to Be Religious
Interlude 1: The Wrong Kind of Christian by Tish Harrison Warren 
3. When Laws and Religious Convictions Clash
4. Can a For-Profit Business Have a Religious Conscience?
Interlude 2: Religious Liberty Is Who We Are by Kristina Arriaga de Buchholz
5. Common Threads
6. Free to Serve: Living with Our Differences
Interlude 3: Will Pluralism Survive the Death of Relativism? by Kim Colby
7. Free to Serve: Faith-Based Organizations in the Public Realm
8. Five Questions
9. Religious Freedom Supports the Common Good: Three Non-Christian Voices
10. How Faith-Based Organizations Can Protect Their Religious Freedom

Selected Resources